Abu Garcia Bmax3 Baitcasting Reel Review

Traditional fishing is one of the most relaxing activities one can take on. If it’s your hobby, you’ll likely enjoy using a new piece of gear on your next fishing trip. However, if you’ve just started or just now thinking about getting into fishing, we have a reel to recommend to you.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Abu Garcia Bmax3 Baitcasting Reel. It’s one of the top-rated baitcasters today and is the perfect companion to any fishing trip in either freshwater or saltwater environments.

Abu Garcia Bmax3 Baitcasting Reel

The Bmax3 is a low-profile fishing reel that blends in perfectly with any rod. If you’re looking for a minimalist design, then you’ll enjoy the dark black main body and the stunning red detailing of this reel.

The design is perfect for reeling in medium-sized fish in either saltwater or freshwater environments. The reel is simple and it is durable enough that it packs a considerable amount of power.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a minimalist reel that still can get the job done. If you’re an avid fisher who doesn’t mind a tight design and you prefer a lightweight reel then you’ll enjoy this reel.

When it comes to baitcasting fishing, you expect it to work only for fresh water environments. The Bmax3 boasts a sturdy design that enables you to use it in all fishing environments.

What’s Included?

The Bmax3 comes with the primary reel, which is 7 x 5 x 3 inches and weighs approximately one pound. The mono capacity yard per pound is 145/12, and the braid capacity yard per pound is 140/30.

The reel is LP (Low Profile) . It comes with 4 stainless steel bearings for a smooth action. The gear ratio is 6.4:1.

Overview of the Features

Here’s a detailed look at what the Abo Garcia Bmax3 Baitcasting Reel has to offer:

  • Lightweight Design

The Bmax3 features a lightweight and portable design. Many hardcore reels tend to be around three pounds, which can tire out your wrists ad affect how much control you have while reeling your catch. This reel crafts the main body with a slim one-piece graphite frame and a few side plates.

  • Multiple Ball Bearings

The ball bearings contribute to making your performance smooth. With any reel, it’s best to find ones made from durable materials, or else, you’ll find that you’ll have less control when reeling in your catch.

The ball bearings are stainless steel, and there are four of them. This gives you high performance for a smooth fishing experience.

  • Power Disk System

The power disk system provides you with enough drag to handle up to 12 pounds of weight. This enables you to fish in fresh and saltwater environments.

Plus, the power disk system is designed to provide you more control while reeling in. This allows you to grab the fish out of the water and control the spool while the fish puts up a fight.

  • MagTrax Brake System

For beginners or those who need a bit of assistance, the MagTrax feature can be very helpful. This system helps boost the range of your casts, ensuring that you can reach where you’re aiming for.

Plus, this brake system also enables you to land your casts with pinpoint precision.

  • Ergonomic Design

Lastly, the reel includes a slightly curved handle that’s ergonomic and ensures that you’ll be comfortable while fishing. The compact handle also reduces the overall weight of the reel. This enables you to use it for extended periods without getting tired.

How to Use

Ask any angler, and they are going to tell you that using your traditional baitcasting reel is simple once you get the basics down. The key to using one is to have the correct hand positioning. If you don’t, you’ll likely struggle and won’t have enough control to reel your fish in.

To use the Abu Garcia Bmax3, you’ll need to position your hands below the reel with your dominant hand above your non-dominant hand. Reel the line to about 6 to 12 inches from the tip of the pole. Press the spool release button and hold it. Lean back and casting the fishing line, release the button on the forward cast of the line.

Keep your thumb on the spool to control how fast the line is spooled out. Use your thumb to stop the line at the correct location. The adjustable break can be used to fine tune the cast. Set it to maximum and after several casts determine the correct setting that you can still control the line out spool with.

Use your non dominant hand to hold the pole as you switch your dominant hand to the reel handle. Rotate the reel handle to take up a small amount of line. 

Whether using bait or a lure respond to the fish strike by setting the hook. Fight the fish by reeling the line in a steady and firm action. Use the drag system to keep constant pressure on the fish so the hook does not slip out. Once the fish has been successfully pulled out of the water, you can take it off the hook and re-bait. Looks pretty exciting, right?


The market offers a wide selection of baitcasting reels. An excellent alternative is the KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Reel.

This reel is a tournament-level fishing reel. It has a proven design with smooth casting and retrieval. The reel has a small, ergonomic frame.

The reel has multiple color-coded gear ratios, which feature 5.3/1, 6.1/1, 7.1/1, and 8.1/1 ratios. Each one is suitable for specific technique. They can be combined with baitcasting fishing rods for unique combos. The color coding and multiple ratios enable quick switches without confusion.

The KastKing also includes 11 stainless steel bearings and an instant anti-reverse feature. This helps you have full control over the reel. Lastly, the KastKing features an ultra-smooth carbon disc that can support up to 17.6 pounds of drag.


The Abu Garcia Bmax3 Baitcasting Reel and the KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Reels are both excellent choices. Both include durable and compact designs. They are flexible and come settings and ratios that make them both easy to use.

The Abu Garcia Bmax3 Baitcasting Reel is better suited for average fishermen or beginners. The KastKing is designed for tournament or competitive fishing. Although it can be used for daily fishing. Overall, we hope we’ve helped you find a reel for your next fishing trip.

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