Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers Review

booms fishing pliers

The Booms Fishing Pliers X1 is a tool that every fisherman should have in their arsenal. It is a specialized piece of equipment meant for removing hooks, cutting braiding line, and general purpose use. Everything about it is exceptional, from its quality composition to the corrosion- and rust-resistant technology it possesses. This pair of pliers … Read more

Fenwick HMG Ice Fishing Spinning Rod Review

Fenwick HMG Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

If you like the cold, mother nature, and you love to fish, then ice fishing is probably something you would love. That said, if you want to be successful in your adventure, you want to have fun, and you want to keep fishing for days on end, having the right weapons in your arsenal is … Read more

wLure Minnow Crankbait Fishing Lures [Complete 2022 Review]

Fishing lures come in all sizes and styles, and they are designed to attract a fish. If you are an expert, you will understand the importance of having the correct fishing lure in place, as using the wrong type might leave you without any catch at all. If you are keen to find a new fishing lure for your next fishing trip, then look no further! We evaluated the Minnow Crankbait fishing Lures by wLure.

How To Set Up A Fishing Line For Saltwater

How To Set Up A Fishing Line For Saltwater

Yes, fishing in saltwater is a whole different story than fishing in freshwater conditions. Saltwater can be extremely harsh when it comes to damaging your fishing line and tackle. Many people might think that it is OK to use plain old fishing line and tackle for saltwater fishing. This is just plain wrong. If you’re … Read more