Best Fishing Tackle Bags of 2023: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

The best fishing tackle bags are an invaluable resource for storing your lures, bait, and personal belongings while on the water. In recent years tackle bags have become very versatile with innovative features helping you stay organized, making your fishing experience more enjoyable & hassle-free.

These multifunctional bags allow you to categorically store everything you could need, even if you pack a metric ton of gear. Each day is somewhat unpredictable so having a sensible variety of tackle means you’ll get the most out of your time out on the water with enough gear for all weather conditions.

Editors Choice

From our list, we consider the KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag as the best fishing tackle bag because of its ample amount of storage and relatively impeccable durability. The water-resistance of the bag is a huge plus, as well as the compression bottom that prevents sagging. You will easily be able to carry your fishing gear in separate, reliable compartments.

Best Fishing Tackle Bag Reviews

1. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag

This bag is one of the more versatile shoulder crossbody bags you’ll come across, with a relatively large capacity. Water resistance and durability are two of its most notable features, as well as the numerous options you have for storage. If you’re in the market for a breathable and comfortable shoulder bag, we highly recommend it.

Product Highlights

There are plenty of features added to this bag that make it durable, including the SBS zippers and the KAM buckle. Another benefit is its water resistance since it’s made from 1000D high-density nylon. This material is a fantastic option for keeping high-end equipment safe from the elements.

You’ll have full control over how you carry the bag, as its versatile design features an adjustable strap that you can also detach from the pack. There are two left and right straps that are fully exchangeable, so you can opt to carry the bag on your back or over your shoulder.

Also, the central belt can be extended up to 51.2” for single-shoulder carrying. There’s a lot of storage that the Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag brings to the table, as well. The main compartment has a decent size, so you’ll have more than enough room for a tablet, camera, keys, lure boxes, lines, and other fishing accessories.

There are an additional three components in the main pocket to help keep your belongings more organized. On the outside of the bag, you’ll notice three external zippered pockets as well as a water bottle sleeve and tool pockets. For visibility at night, you’ll appreciate the reflective sticker so that you can feel more comfortable in low light conditions.

What to Like About It

The compact nature of the Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag is what makes it so convenient, as any size larger wouldn’t make it as versatile. You’ll surely want to take advantage of its numerous storage options and high-quality zippers that don’t snag on the bag’s material. Users can comfortably fit up to two or three tackle boxes as well as a ton of extra accessories in the zippered compartments.

What Not to Like About It

Unfortunately, compared to other fishing bags, this model has relatively poor water resistance. You certainly wouldn’t want to drop it in the water, as your valuables will get soaked in under a minute. A lot of the storage is also external, such as straps and D-rings, which makes it tough to keep everything you need inside the bag.


  • Perfectly sized
  • Compact and convenient
  • High-quality zippers
  • Holds multiple tackle boxes


  • Poor water resistance
  • Too much external storage
  • Not to be used in rainy conditions

2. KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag

This fishing bag is an excellent choice for people who prefer to fish in saltwater. It can withstand color fasting and bleaching in the outdoor sun. In terms of organization, it’s quite useful, as you can carry all of your gear and the best braided fishing line with ease. With a fully functional design, it’s one of the better bags to get your hands on.

Product Highlights

The storage capacity of the KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag is the best feature to consider, as you can hold up to seven 3600 size lure boxes. You’ll also have plenty of room for lures, tools, and other essential accessories. With an additional 12 internal and external pockets for storage, you’ll seemingly never run out of the packing room.

It’s also very comfortable to carry, as the shoulder strap features neo-grip anti-slip padding. You’ll also appreciate the non-slip compression bottom, which keeps the bag in place once you set it on the ground.

Also, the base is waterproof similar to the rest of the pack, which is ideal for fishing in poor weather. The exterior material of this shoulder bag is 420D rip-stop nylon, which will reduce  wear and tear over the years.

The manufacturer also applied a hydrophobic coating, which should make water bead up and fly off the surface. That is, instead of penetrating through the layers to your gear. As an added form of waterproofing, there’s a hidden PVC layer to shield your tackle from water.

Having some organization is vital for any fishing enthusiast. With the ability to store up to seven tackle boxes in the main compartment, you might be wondering what else there is.

Inside the bag, there are internal pockets for your keys and other valuables. The seven external pockets are a combination of zippered and slip compartments for tools, trays, tackle, and more.

Getting easy access to all of your belongings has never been more convenient with the functional design of the KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag. There is a unique molded tool holder that allows you quick access to your fishing tools without having to scavenge through your entire bag. We also love the double loop zipper pulls that make it simpler to open compartments, even in the rain.

Above all else, one of the most exciting features of this bag is that every zipper is self-healing. After years of use, if one of the zippers splits, you won’t have to replace the bag. The zippers will simply fix themselves by running the pull along the tracks.

What to Like About It

Being able to keep your fishing bag flat on the ground is quite convenient with the KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag. You’ll also love the non-slip bottom that keeps the bag in place whenever you need it, making it ideal for boating. The ample amount of storage is also incredibly useful, as you can hold up to 12 3700s and four 3600s.

What Not to Like About It

When you’re carrying the bag on your shoulder, you might find the adjustment piece will dig into your skin as it’s made of hard plastic. You will also find a numerous amount of storage can make it quite easy to overfill, forcing the bag to be much more substantial than it should be. Additionally, some of the more delicate components, such as the mesh slip pockets, might experience rips and tears quickly.


  • Plenty of storage
  • Easy to store on boats
  • Convenient anti-slip bottom
  • Stands straight with a flat bottom
  • Simple to organize
  • Holds plenty of boxes


  • Uncomfortable shoulder strap
  • Easy to overfill
  • Mesh may tear

3. Berkley Tackle Bag

At times, there’s not much you need when you’re going fishing, especially if you’re someone who uses a single tackle box instead of six. This time is when the Berkley Tackle Bag will come into good use, as its compact and relatively small size is very useful. Whether you need something small for your boat or you simply don’t need a lot to fish, this is a far less bulky option.

Product Highlights

Overall, the look of the Berkley Tackle Bag is quite simple, which is exactly what you might be looking for. Instead of being filled with an absurd number of pockets that you’ll never use, this design is incredibly straightforward. There are only a few pockets and just enough storage space for your essentials.

On the inside of the bag, you’ll notice there is a substantial amount of padding. This feature is perfect for keeping your expensive equipment safe, especially from falls. We highly recommend using this bag to keep your fishing equipment protected during the off-season or while in the trunk of your car.

When you open the bag, you’ll appreciate how two small tackle trays are included. Both of the shelves are about nine inches by four inches by one inch. Apart from the main compartment, there are also zippered front and side pockets that you can use for your smaller accessories.

As an added convenience, you’ll appreciate having the side mesh pockets which are incredibly easy to access. Instead of relying on zippers, these pockets are simple slip-pockets.

What to Like About It

The versatile design of the KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag is what makes it so fantastic, as it works as a fishing bag and as a first-aid bag as well. You’ll find that although it appears small, it has more than enough room for items that you need for a day fishing trip. Also, the storage allows for scissors, pliers, scales, and even cameras.

When trying to access the zipper compartments, it’s quite simple as they glide smoothly along the track. Its simplicity and necessary features are what also makes it a fantastic option for beginner fishermen and children.

What Not to Like About It

Even though the zippers on this bag move smoothly, they are prone to breakage, which can leave you needing to open the pack using pliers. The material used for the exterior of the bag is also rather lack-luster compared to more high-end designs. You can guarantee this bag isn’t waterproof, which renders it useless in rainy conditions.


  • Basic storage
  • Great for kids
  • Useful for beginners
  • Enough space for everyday items
  • Versatile design


  • Poorly made zippers
  • Low-quality material
  • No waterproofing

4. Ugly Stik Fishing Bag

With 20.8 liters of storage, the Ugly Stik Fishing Bag is an affordable and reliable solution for fishermen who want a basic yet heavy-duty bag to use. Similar to the other fishing bags on this list, there is an assortment of user-friendly features that you’ll want to put to good use. Also, the overall aesthetic of this bag makes it quite versatile for activities other than fishing.

Product Highlights

Polyester is one of the most resilient materials that you can use for sports equipment, and this bag is no different. You’ll appreciate the rugged and durable design that is resilient. Compared to other less expensive fishing bags, you won’t see as much wear and tear after a few uses.

With its soft shell exterior, fitting this bag onto your boat or in the back of your vehicle has never been easier. You won’t have to worry about crushing a delicate plastic box, and the bag is incredibly easy to pack for long-distance trips. That said, it still has plenty of storage with up to 20.8 liters of space.

The very bottom of the bag is relatively advanced, as it features a compression-molded base. This feature helps to prevent the bag from sagging but also keeps the bag upright when placed on the ground. You might also find the compression bottom is useful for adding a minimal amount of water resistance.

On the inside of the Ugly Stik Fishing Bag, you should be able to fit up to four large tackle boxes. The padded shoulder strap makes it far more comfortable to carry, even when you have a lot of weight in the bag. As an alternative, you can use the mesh top handle to hold the bag by hand.

Apart from the internal storage, be sure to take advantage of the zippered compartments. There are three on the outside of the bag, and there is also a removable tool holster. You can clip the holster on or off, depending on what items you need with you that day.

What to Like About It

Surprisingly, four utility boxes come with the pack, which makes storage even easier to use to your advantage. You’ll find the overall size of the bag is quite comfortable for boating and kayaking, as well as for camping trips. The material looks and feels durable, which is essential for bags of this purpose.

What Not to Like About It

If you prefer to use small lures, you should be wary of the inside of this bag, as the dividers encourage small lures to get lost. Some customers also reported receiving the wrong design upon ordering, though this appears to be an isolated issue.


  • Convenient storage
  • Versatile design
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Four utility boxes included


  • Small lures may get lost
  • Issues with delivery

5. Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Backpack

Sometimes, the easiest way to carry your fishing equipment is right on your back, which is why we love the Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Backpack. With a fully versatile design, you can bring your fishing gear with you anywhere. The padded straps are incredibly comfortable, and the multiple adjustable features of this bag make it a great option.

Product Highlights

As mentioned, you have full control over how you want to use this bag. Although advertised as a backpack, you can customize the shoulder straps to become a chest bag, handbag, traveling bag, crossbody bag, or a traditional fishing tackle bag. We also recommend using it if you’re heading out on a long-distance fishing trip.

The unique design meant for anglers truly helps to make this backpack even more versatile. You’ll be able to hold multiple 3600 boxes, lures, pliers, and your valuables without the bag getting too bulky. There are also pockets on the front that is specifically for easy access to all of your tools.

You’ll love the accessible water bottle pocket on the side of the bag. Not to mention, the Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Backpack features small side pockets for your keys, fishing license, and other small tools.

The firmness of this bag is essential to discuss, as the nylon fabric is high-density and incredibly durable. Even the stitching is reinforced to ensure the integrity of the bag stays secure the entire time you own it. The abrasion-resistant materials are also water-resistant, making it the perfect partner for fresh and saltwater fishing alike.

On the front of the bag, you will notice the MOLLE webbing. As a convenient source of external storage, you can carry even more items hands-free, such as clippers, hooks, and pliers.

We also love the buckle in the center of the bag. With this feature, you can easily carry a change of clothes as well as your rods, such as the Cadence Spinning Rod, on either side of the bag.

What to Like About It

When worn, the Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Backpack feels compact but still has plenty of space for your essentials. If you’re a fan of external storage, you’ll love the numerous clips, webbing, buckles, and hooks added to the bag. Also, switching the design from a backpack to a shoulder bag, for example, is easier than you’d think.

What Not to Like About It

Unlike other fishing bags, this model doesn’t come with tackle boxes; all you will receive is the bag itself. It’s not ideal for a ton of storage, which can be tough for fishermen who like to carry gear for multiple people at once. Also, it won’t float, so you certainly wouldn’t want the bag to fall overboard.


  • A lot of internal and external storage
  • Easy to switch to shoulder bag
  • Highly versatile
  • Feels compact and comfortable
  • High-quality and durable materials


  • Tackle boxes not included
  • Not for large storage
  • Doesn’t float

Buyer’s Guide

When you’re spending money on a fishing bag, you’ll want to make sure it meets your needs perfectly. You don’t want to opt for a bag made from shoddy materials, or that doesn’t have enough storage. Using this buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to separate high-quality fishing bags from the rest.

1. Zippers

The importance of zippers isn’t something to forget, as they are meant to keep your valuables safe. With poorly made zippers, you might be stuck in a position where you can’t get to your lures, tools, or other essentials. This is why it is crucial to find a fishing bag that not only has high-quality zippers but ones that also feature water protection.

Most of the best fishing bags will have high-quality zippers designed for preventing water from seeping into your bag. In combination with a waterproof exterior, you’ll be able to stop rusting and damage to your lures. Also, the higher the quality of the zippers, you’ll be less likely to deal with broken pulls and tracks.

Ideally, your chosen bag should have self-healing zippers. With self-healing properties, even if the zipper splits from the track, it should be easy to fix without tools. They will often route themselves back onto the track so that you can continue using the bag as usual.

2. Water Resistance

When you’re out on the water, it can be difficult to predict what type of weather you’re going to experience. There are numerous times when you might be fishing in overcast conditions, only to get stuck in a downpour, which compromises your valuables and gear. With a bag that has water resistance, you will be able to keep your items safe against the weather.

Some of the best bags are more than water-resistant; they are waterproof. This feature means that even if your pack falls into the water, it won’t let any liquid penetrate the fabric. Frequently, fishing bags also float, preventing them from sinking into the lake or river.

At the very least, your chosen fishing bag should have a waterproof bottom. When you keep your pack on the floor of your boat or the shore, you won’t have to worry about your gear getting soaked simply by sitting on the ground.

3. Design

The design of your fishing bag can vary, especially since there are a variety of manufacturers. The main thing to pay close attention to is the amount of storage it has to offer. It can be frustrating to try to fish without enough space for all of your essentials, especially if you’re carrying enough equipment for two.

You’ll want compartments that are easy to get in and out of as well as additional exterior storage. There should be more than enough room for your favorite type of tackle trays as well as pliers, your phone, and your keys. We also recommend opting for a fishing bag with bright colors, as it improves its visibility in low light.

4. Durability

As with any type of bag, durability is essential since it will protect your investment and make sure you are allocating your money to the best possible product. There are two materials typically used with fishing bags: nylon and polyester. Both fabrics can be waterproof and can also stop tears and damages from regular use.

When shopping, search for keywords such as “rip-stop” or “anti-abrasion” since these features mean the material is relatively impossible to cut, scratch, or tear. The more durable your fishing bag is, the longer it will last, and the more frequently you’ll use it.

5. Organization

Similar to storage space, the organization is also a highly important feature to keep an eye out for. There are plenty of small items you’ll likely keep with you while fishing, and you won’t want to lose them at the bottom of your bag. Many fishing bags come with built-in trays and boxes that you can use to store your lures and other small pieces.

If you’ve found a tackle bag that you love but doesn’t arrive with built-in boxes, make sure you have plenty of space to add your own. You will also want to pay close attention to any extra internal and external pockets. For the areas where you’ll store your valuables, you’ll need zippers or ties to keep the pouch secure.

Best Fishing Tackle Bag FAQs

1. How to Organize Tackle Bags

Organizing your tackle bag is typically based on personal preference, though there are a few standard rules to follow. You’ll undoubtedly want to have a few tackle boxes in the main compartment that keep your tackle for different fish species separate. It’s also a good idea to have unique jars for different types of bait.

When it comes to your fishing tools, you’ll want to make sure they are in easily accessible pockets. For example, storing your pliers in a slip pocket so that you can cut your line if necessary. Typically, tackle bags will also have storage for valuables where you will want to keep your phone, sunglasses, and keys.

2. Are Tackle Bags Safe?

As long as you can buy a tackle bag from a reputable manufacturer, they have designs meant to be safe. You can easily store expensive equipment, such as cameras, in the bag without the worry of damage. However, you will also need to make sure the bag is made of durable materials.

Without a high-quality design, you could be putting your necessary fishing equipment at risk.

3. Are Tackle Bags Waterproof?

Some tackle bags are waterproof, but not all are the same. You can find some water-resistant models, which are useful for light rain and sprays of water. That said, if you want thorough protection, it’s a good idea to search for a fully waterproof bag.

You’ll find these bags have waterproof coating as well as waterproof materials, such as PVC, that prevent liquid penetration. The zippers will also help to repel water, as they are a common area of concern for getting caught in the rain or dropping your bag in the water.

4. Do Tackle Bags Float?

Similar to waterproofing, not all tackle bags are designed to float. Some of the higher-end models will have floatation devices added to the bottom of the bag.

The only issue with floating bags is that you will have to abide by weight limits when storing your fishing gear. If you wind up packing too much in the bag, it will sink regardless of how efficient its flotation devices are.

5. Can a Tackle Bag be Repaired?

Repairing your tackle bag should be just as simple as fixing a backpack or any other travel bag. You might find the seams will lose their strength over time, and all that the pack will need is a couple of extra stitches.

It may also be a good idea to add new patches of fabric in any area where the bag is ripping or tearing. Most often, you’ll be able to repair your tackle bag on your own, though you can hire a professional as well.

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