Best Fishing Tackle Boxes of 2022 [Complete Reviews with Comparisons]

Any seasoned fisherman knows that going to the water with missing gear or equipment is just setting yourself up for failure. When you head out for a fishing excursion, you want to give yourself the best chance to succeed. This means doing your research and stocking up on all the items that meet your fishing needs.

It’s not just the rod, line, or bait that matters, but it’s also every single piece of gear. From the tiniest bead or piece of tackle to the hooks and weights that factor into the success of your trip.

Depending on your level, you could be battling more than just the elements and the type of fish you’re planning to catch. You could also be fighting against yourself. How much training have you had? How experienced are you?

Having said all these, you know how critical it is for everything to fall into place. Every little thing counts or, in the case of this article, just one thing. That is the box that conveniently houses all the minute fishing items vital to your excursion: the best fishing tackle boxes.

Best Fishing Tackle Box Reviews

1. KastKing Tackle Box Organizer

Fish with ease thanks to this state-of-the-art tackle box that comes in either two or four trays of black or orange. It’s BPA free, which is always great because it’s healthy and environmentally friendly.

This tackle box has firmly established itself as one of the top fishing tackle boxes. It is  flexible, durable and  convenient. These are all key to making your fishing trip so much more fulfilling.

So, what are you waiting for? Take this box organizer with removable dividers from KastKing up for a ride on your boat!

Product Highlights 

Here are the tackle box’ features:

  • Material Used

Let’s first address the fact that this product is moving us forward in our efforts to address our health and the environment. Every effort counts, and we’re certainly happy that this one is made of BPA-free material.

Time is of the essence when you’re out in the water, and the KastKing organizer’s clear material helps you with just that. This clear plastic box makes it easy for you to identify everything that’s inside it, allowing you to change lures or baits at very short notice.

  • Organization

This tackle box keeps you organized. It has adjustable dividers that offer flexibility for loading a utility case. It  houses everything from hooks, weights, snaps, and beads to wires, thread, or any minuscule item you’re going to find useful on your fishing trips. Versatility is the name of the game as this unique tackle box stores arts and crafts items just as well as fishing tackle.

  • Durability

Durability is something you don’t have to worry about when it comes to this product. It’s built with a solid frame that addresses a range of storage needs for any angler. Whether you’re dealing with hard baits, terminal tackles, tools, or plastic, the KastKing has got you covered.

  • Perk

And for some more good news, this box is also interchangeable with every KastKing tackle bag. If you only have a standard tackle bag there with you, you’re good to go.

The Good

The KastKing organizer box basically has everything ready for you. It’s like the manufacturer read your mind and knew exactly what you were going to need in every single one of your fishing excursions.

But it isn’t really a secret that what we’re most happy about is the clearness of the box—such a seemingly tiny detail, yet essential in the grand scheme of things.

This organizer allows you to change baits or lures with little effort. Plus, let’s not forget to mention the cut dividers that have made storing so much more convenient for fishermen who are meticulous about the way they arrange their tiny fishing items.

This certainly wouldn’t be on our list if it weren’t for its size, which is larger than in the pictures. On top of that, its compartments are well divided and have just the right amount of room in them to hold your items. The possibilities for storing and organizing are literally endless with this box.

The Bad

There are some areas concerning this product that you may not like. For instance, depending on how you look at it, the box size could be a huge plus, but it’s also this particular feature that makes the box difficult to zip into its bag.


  • Durable
  • Multiple usages
  • Convenient
  • Clear


  • Too big to easily fit in its bag

2. Flambeau Tackle Tuff Tainer Tackle Station

This fishing tackle organizer comes in two packs with three fixed compartments. Flambeau Tackle continues to impress with its products, with this one taking the cake. Made of materials specifically meant to combat the elements that cause corrosion and rust, it not only protects itself, but it also shields everything you place inside it.

Product Highlights

Here are the things you’d expect from this box:

  • Zerust Technology

You’ll probably be happy to hear that this tackle organizer makes use of Zerust technology to protect against rust and corrosion. We typically worry about the metal components of our gear and equipment corroding or developing rust the more times we take it out to the water. Making this our choice tackle box means this becomes a non-issue.

The rust and corrosion protection process happens thanks to the patented polymer on the dividers which emit a harmless vapor. This vapor is what forms the protective coating around metal sections of the box, safeguarding the items inside it from corrosive substances.

If you’re worried about the longevity of this standout feature, don’t be. Zerust technology can be relied upon for more than five years.

  • Versatility

Versatility is what many of the products on our list share. This one is no different as it has adjustable dividers enough to fit a wide assortment of baits and lures.

The Good

We purchase tackle boxes not just for organizing, but also for protection. The Tuff Tainer Tackle Station by Flambeau Tackle delivers on all the important features fishermen look for in tackle organizers.

What makes this product so great is its ability to maintain this rust- and corrosion-battling feature for more than five years. So, no matter how many times you bring your box out to the water, nothing is going to happen to it. Consequently, your tiny fishing items will also become longer lasting because of their durable organizer.

Zerust technology is this box’s most coveted feature as it blocks out the moisture that corrodes your items and starts the formation of rust.

The Bad

For the most part, you’re going to love this fishing tackle organizer. It protects your baits and the rest of the items in its compartments.

What you’ll probably have a little problem with is the size. If you love to stock up on baits and lures before your trip, you may want a bigger tackle box. That said, this minor setback sometimes becomes irrelevant when you consider the many awesome storage possibilities.


  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Clear


  • Not big enough

3. Frabill Plano Hydro-Flo Hanging Bait Stowaway

Now, this one can definitely take your fishing excursion to the next level. It holds the title of Amazon’s choice for spinnerbait tackle boxes, being able to hold a whopping 72 spinnerbaits. If you’re looking to fish for bass, then you’re going to fancy this great organizer for baits that flash and vibrate.

Product Highlights

This Frabill tackle box has lots to offer, including:

  • Organization and Capacity

As one of this year’s standouts, it can conveniently hold 72 spinnerbaits inside a small, compact space. It’s basically about the size of a child’s lunch box but with different features. Also, unlike an ordinary tackle box, this one has three easily adjustable bait racks and keeps baits and lures organized adequately for easier access.

  •  Rust Resistance

Both the lid and the bottom of this organizer box features Hydro-Flo holes that allow the items inside to dry naturally, preventing oxidation and rust formation.

  • Convenience

The carry handle, which can be easily swiveled around, makes carrying this box easy and convenient. Another plus for this product comes in the form of the secure latch-pro feature. It not only locks and secures your items inside but also makes it easy for you to unlatch the lid and open the box when you want to get something. Bait and lures are easy to spot with the clear, plastic material that covers this organizer.

The Good

This one is great for spur of the moment fishing trips where all you need to do is grab one box that contains everything you need. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit, but this organizer can certainly hold all the necessary bait and lures for spinnerbait fishing. If you love fishing for bass, then this should be a staple in your arsenal.

What many love about Plano Hydro-Flo Hanging Bait Stowaway by Frabill is its well-ventilated bottom and top sections. Fishermen typically worry about the salt, sand, and sea ruining the metal components of their items. It’s refreshing that this product saves you from all of that hassle.

You can sort your baits by size, type, and color effectively and efficiently using this organizer. Like all the other items on our list, this one is pretty flexible, too. It may be specially designed for spinnerbaits, but it can store and organize other varieties of lures and baits, as well.

The Bad

This would have been a near-perfect product, were it not for the warped internal dividers. The parts didn’t fit perfectly into the sections they were supposed to go in, making the lid sometimes tricky to close. This can pose a problem for many fishermen who are easily thrown off their game when some of their gear doesn’t function the way it’s meant to.


  • Great for holding spinnerbaits
  • Properly ventilated
  • Easy to carry


  • Internal dividers need adjustments

4. Wakeman Fishing Single Tray Tackle Box

This easy-to-organize and -carry tackle box has loads of awesome features any fisherman would be happy to have in their organizers. It comes in a lime green color, which is perfectly suited for adventure-seeking individuals. And because it’s one of our top fishing tackle boxes, you’ll surely want to consider taking this product out on your boat.

Product Highlights

Here are the key features of this tackle box:

  • Organization

It’s easy to organize because of its lid and built-in storage compartment. It also contains a single tray that offers additional storage just in case you want to bring in some extra items with you on your trip.

  • Convenience

Aside from features that allow you to access everything that’s inside the box effortlessly, you’ll find that the tray can be easily removed, as well. The ease in which you can carry this organizer is one of the best parts of owning it.

Whether on land or in the water, anglers can easily transport these boxes without worrying about items falling out or getting wet. This product boasts multiple latches that properly secure everything inside it. You’ll find both transport and storage effortless with this box.

  • Add-Ons

This kit comes with jig head and snelled hooks, plastic fishing lures, spoon crankbait, a vertical pole float, line clipper, hook remover tool, an assortment of sinker and line weights, and more. As soon as your package arrives, you won’t even doubt that you got the best value for your money.

The Good

You don’t just get a box, but you also get a complete kit of everything you could ever need as far as lures and bait is concerned. That’s something other products on the market don’t afford you at this price range, which puts the Fishing Single Tray Tackle Box by Wakeman way ahead of the game.

Beginners are especially going to love this kit because it saves them from having to worry about the basics of bait. All the items they need to get started are in this box.

If your kids want to learn how to fish, this organizer can make it easier and more convenient for them. Plus, they all come in colors your children would love. 

If you’re an amateur fisherman who wants to get off to a flying start and advance to the next level, this box has got you covered.

The Bad

After such a great introduction to this box, we’ll now have to discuss its downsides. It really isn’t too bad considering how awesome the benefits are, but you’re going to want to be careful with the latch as it’s not completely reliable.

The items inside have questionable durability, as well. Furthermore, the absence of pliers is probably going to bother a lot of fishermen. The  box did promise to contain “everything” a beginner needs to get started with fishing.


  • A complete kit for beginners
  • Easy to carry and organize
  • Includes a variety of fishing essentials


  • Flimsy lid
  • Lacks durability

5. Plano Large 3-Tray Tackle Box

This premium tackle storage with top access truly delights as it carries lures and bait securely. If you’re in search of a great fishing tackle box, then this deserves your attention, hands down. Everything about this organizer is durable and straightforward, from the handle used to transport it around to the colors that it comes in. 

Product Highlights

This tackle box boasts the following:

  • Capacity

As far as tackle boxes are concerned, you can fit everything into this one. If a big fishing trip is coming, or if you’re going on a series of excursions with your fellow fishermen, this organizer should have your back in every way. The three large trays found inside are perfect for fitting and organizing those little items that can easily get lost.

  • Convenience

It boasts an easy-grip handle that is over-molded and extremely comfortable, making this box convenient to carry around. You can place it on a secure, dry area nearest your fishing spot. Remember that the time it takes for you to go back to your vehicle, or to a part of your boat, to grab a particular lure or item can mean the difference between failure and success.

  •  Capacity

The box has 29 to 39 compartments with more than enough space to allow you to properly organize all your bait and lures. You can store other tiny items you may need, like hooks, snaps, and rings. The lids of the top access sections are made of DuraView lens, which means they’re both durable and see through. 

The Good

As far as completeness goes, this one is surely up there. Fishermen hate not having everything with them when they go out to their spots and get in their element; it throws them off. The large tackle box that comes with three trays from Plano doesn’t allow that to happen.

The two top access sections of this box also happen to be two of its best features. These areas are transparent and easily accessed, so there’s no need to worry about losing precious time as you attempt to catch fish.

The fact that this organizer is comfortable to carry is the icing on the cake. It comes as a surprise that despite its robust construction, it’s actually one of the easiest fishing tackle boxes to transport from one area to another. As in, you wouldn’t mind carrying it around at all.

The Bad

Sadly, this one wasn’t made perfect either, but that’s alright because at least there’s one more quality our products have in common. For this particular case, you’re going to have a slightly slower time identifying all the items inside the box.

Apart from the two top access sections, the rest of the box does not come in clear plastic. The two areas on either side of the lid also have limited space, so not all your priority items may fit there.


  • Easy and comfortable to carry
  • Durable
  • Comes with three large trays


  • Not enough clear sections

Buyer’s Guide

You’re here because you want the best tackle box. Well, your journey wouldn’t be complete without assessing the necessary features that make a fishing tackle organizer exceptional.

1. Size

The first thing you typically look at is size. Ask yourself if a box is just the right size for all your fishing lures and baits. You’ll want to make sure there is more than enough space for your fishing essentials, and the box isn’t too big that it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient to carry around.

2. Gear Storage

Size can sometimes be deceiving. For instance, you can choose an item that’s relatively small and compact yet find out that it actually has enough space to store all your fishing items. Look especially at the materials that make up these areas because you want to make sure they are corrosion- and rust-resistant.

3. Lure Compartments

A box has to have just the right number of compartments for baits and lures. These sections must also be equally divided and easy to access. You don’t want to take too long digging for items because that could mean losing your target. Make sure these areas are well ventilated or equipped with rust and corrosion fighting technology.

4. Waterproof Quality

Products for fishing are either meant to be in the water or near it. Waterproof quality is an essential feature in your tackle box because it determines how long-lasting and durable your item is. This quality also ensures that the rest of the items in the organizer are kept safe from moisture and other elements that may ruin them.


1. What Is a Tackle Box?

A tackle box is a tool meant to store and carry the tiniest items in your fishing arsenals, such as your baits, hooks, lures, lines, and threads. It helps keep you organized during your trips and makes you efficient in catching fish.

2. What Do I Need in my Tackle Box?

Tackle boxes, essentially, are meant for carrying, organizing, and storing your lures, baits, snaps, swivels, hooks, weights,  and other necessary tiny items for your fishing trip. If you’re going out to fish for bass, you may want to add in some spinnerbaits, as well.

The thing about a fishing tackle box is that it offers you storage possibilities that go beyond your fishing needs.

3. How Do You Organize a Tackle Box?

A quality tackle box allows you to organize things in them efficiently. Place priority items in sections that are easiest to spot and access. How you arrange lures, baits, lines, threads, and other tools depends on how you go about fishing.


Our final breakdown of the best fishing tackle boxes of the year highlights several of their benefits as well as a few flaws. It’s a great list of products that modern-day fishermen should take advantage of.

While it was difficult to select a clear winner from this shortlist, we did find that the KastKing Tackle Box Organizer edged out the rest of the competition in almost every department, including organization, comfort, convenience, and size. With endless storage and organizing possibilities, and a quick identification feature thanks to its all clear surface, this tackle box offers you the full package.

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