Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers Review

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The Booms Fishing Pliers X1 is a tool that every fisherman should have in their arsenal. It is a specialized piece of equipment meant for removing hooks, cutting braiding line, and general purpose use. Everything about it is exceptional, from its quality composition to the corrosion- and rust-resistant technology it possesses.

This pair of pliers have “fishing adventure” written all over it. You’ll enjoy its blue, black-and-silver, as well as green-and-silver colors.

Booms Fishing Pliers X1

These pliers stand out because of their multi-usage feature that includes line braiding, ring cutting, and hook removing. Unlike regular house pliers they will have you thanking the heavens for their custom design.

This product was specially designed to assist fishermen during their adventures. The quality materials it’s composed of battle the effects of moisture and give it that added lightweight feel. Fishermen don’t have to worry about rust forming on these pliers because it’s simply not possible. This, along with its anti-corrosion quality, should make it a staple in both freshwater and saltwater trips.

Just as amazing as its functionality is its smart design. This product’s manufacturer definitely knew how fishermen operated. They completely understood the importance of comfort, convenience, and the right look. They developed state-of-the-art technology for fishermen who spent a significant amount of time in their element. To say that they successfully integrated all these coveted features in these pliers is an understatement.

Who Is This Product For?

Intermediate to advanced level fishermen will find the Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers incredibly useful. At this level, one is going to need specialized equipment to combat more difficult fishing conditions.

Keep in mind that fishermen also have to deal with the elements. The conditions in the areas they’re fishing in, and other situations they may not have anticipated. This product helps give them peace of mind in almost every scenario.

Beginners are free to give this product a go, but it’s recommended they pick a model that’s slightly less complex. It’s small line cutter and lack of locking mechanism also make it more of a challenge for beginners. It’s the seasoned fishermen who are likely to benefit from this particular pair because of their experience; they  know what to do.

What’s Included?

This product is as simple as fishing tools can get. It comes with a coiled lanyard made of steel wire and a nylon holster, making it easy to bring around with you as you transfer from one spot to another. The sheath that goes with the product improves durability and makes your pliers longer lasting.

Overview of Features

The Booms Fishing Pliers X1 stands out in several departments, including:

  • Leading-Edge Technology

This product saves fishermen from having to worry about the negative impact of salt, sand, and sea on tools with metal components. Rust and corrosion don’t have to be an issue with the kind of technology it has.

  • Quality Braid Line Cutter

The main reason fishermen purchase these specialized pliers is to cut braided lines effectively. This product accomplishes this task effortlessly with carbide cutters made of tungsten. The blade is also replaceable so that when it does get dull, you can easily take it out and put another in.

  • Jaws Made of Stainless Steel

There’s no arguing that this product has powerful jaws, which is not something you would really expect, given its lightweight quality. Its inset jaws are serrated, strong, and durable. It’s like they were made for removing the tightest hooks while protecting your hand in the process.

  • Easy to Use and Carry

As a fisherman, you want to be able to move from one spot to another at a moment’s notice. Going to another part of your boat or back to your vehicle to fetch your pliers is going to be an issue. The time it takes to transfer locations could already lose you your target.

It’s a good thing then that this product is both easy to use and carry. It’s coiled, steel wire lanyard and nylon holster make it easy to fasten and secure to your gear.

  • Superior Quality Materials

Everything about this product, from the technology it has to the robust and lightweight materials it’s made of, is something to behold. You’ll surely be amazed at the ways it can help you in the water.


  • Anti-rust and -corrosion technology
  • Lightweight
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Comes in three different colors


  • Not the best product for beginners

How to Use the Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers

One thing about these pliers that you’re going to be happy about is their simplicity. There isn’t a lot that goes into using this specialized tool, especially if you’ve been fishing for a long time. Your experience will tell you how to use this product in ways that benefit your excursions the most.

Beginners will take a slightly longer time to master this piece of equipment, but when they do, they should also be able to reap its excellent benefits. When you’re out in your fishing spots, take full advantage of this product’s features by making sure it’s holstered constantly to your gear.

Self-teaching may not be the best way for amateurs to learn how to use this tool, but having an expert around should be able to speed things up. With an actual demonstration, you’ll find that it’s easier to grasp how these pliers truly function, making it easier for you to use them for your specific fishing needs.


The Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers has proven to be an excellent alternative to the Booms Fishing Pliers X1. While the latter doesn’t have any significant downsides, it does slightly fall short in its ability to cater to beginners.

Well, this option pretty much functions the same way, only that it’s:

  • More Beginner-Friendly: This product is designed to meet the needs of amateur fisherman, as well. It’s made of top-quality and lightweight materials and is easy to operate.
  • Built with Spring-Loaded Pliers: This particular feature also contributes to the ease in which this product can be used. Operating this model using one hand doesn’t make it any less effective in splitting rings or removing hooks.


The Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers is rust-resistant, convenient, versatile, and lightweight. It’s a tool that can adjust to the fishing needs of both intermediate and advanced fishermen. Plus, with its smart design and three different colors, you  also get an aesthetically appealing pair of pliers.

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