How To Cast Surf Fishing Rods

If you are looking for a hobby that involves spending time out in nature. Then you should  try surf fishing. It is one of the most popular types of fishing and it is something that doesn’t require a big budget to get started. While becoming a master of casting with a surf fishing rod may sound like a tricky and intimidating thing, it is not.

It all comes down to becoming familiar with the basics and practicing the essential techniques to reach the desired fish. Consulting with an experienced surf casting fisherman will allow you to pick up the much-needed tricks on how to cast with a surf fishing rod. We have prepared a series of important points that you should focus on. Let’s take a look.

The Essentials of Casting a Surf Fishing Rod

The first thing that you need to learn is controlling the direction of the lure. Basically, it will be moved wherever the tip of the rod goes just before you cast it. Talking about effectively casting a fishing rod, it all comes down to starting slowly. Then increasing the intensity of loading the rod just before you stop it.

This way, you will achieve adequate speed without losing the proper grip that you had on the surf fishing rod. It would help if you also focus on not letting  the tip go below the target line and that your casting stroke is as long as possible. Similar to fly casting techniques, this is the best way to ensure that fish at a distance will be caught.

By ensuring that your line, hands, and rod are aligned. Place two fingers behind and in front of the reel seat. This will be the perfect grip required for such a cast. The idea is that you do not release the index finger too fast and thus moving the lure in the opposite direction.

Additionally, if what you are looking for is to stay on the safe side, invest in golf gloves in order to prevent your fingers from potential cuts (especially with heavy lures). Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.  You should make sure that your left foot is pointed straight at the target. Your right one should be angled to about 30 degrees.

Try to shift your weight by bending your knees and holding the wrist tight, with your forearms being at about one o’clock. Set the rod to the 3:30 horizon position, you will be carrying less weight on your arms and be able to cast without any issues.

Once you are ready to cast it, be sure to start with the forearm of your left arm. Make sure that it is in synchronization with your weight transition and body rotation. Make sure that you use nothing but the power of your left arm in the process.

Pull the rod down with the left hand, and stop the lure once it is at 11 o’clock.

Release your index finger and rod line along with it. If you are looking to get even more distance, try to set the rod at about 45 degrees to the right and 30 degrees to the horizon.

Once it is time to retrieve the lure and the fish, focus by distributing most of the weight to your left foot while pulling with your right arm towards your body to prevent exhaustion.

how to cast surf fishing rods

Tips for Casting With a Surf Fishing Rod

There are also a few essential points that you might want to consider before practicing any of the techniques mentioned above.

First, it is about making sure that you have the right rod and lure — guided by your previous experience and skill, choose between light-medium lures, to begin with. Also, focus on maintaining at least 2 feet of slack at the rod as this will help you not only generate the right power and speed but also cast at a far distance.

Last but not least, for your own sake and for the sake of others, be confident that there is no one standing behind you.  As we suggested in the section, using  golf protection gloves is also a good idea unless you want to end up with cuts from heavy lures.


Whether you are looking to engage in recreational or professional fishing, becoming a successful surf rod caster is not something you should be intimidated by.

Don’t forget that it all comes down to focusing on the proper lure and rod, stance, as well as synchronization between your arms and body rotation.

By investing enough energy, time, and making sure that you have followed the suggestions that we mentioned above, you will master the art of surf casting in no time.

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