Sougayilang XY4000 Spinning Fishing Reel [Complete 2022 Review]

What better excuse to spend the whole weekend outdoors than a fishing trip? Some people appreciate fishing for its relaxing qualities, soaking in nature at a slow pace on the riverbank. While some prefer to approach fishing in a more active and competitive manner. Either way, you still need decent equipment for your fishing excursions.

Shopping online can certainly save you a lot of money, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice available. You have access to so many more brands than you would have at a local sporting goods store. Luckily for you, we’re here to help.

We’ll be taking a closer look at a lesser known brand, Sougayilang. We will see what kind of features their equipment offers in the fishing reel market, to see if this XY4000 Spinning Fishing Reel, could be right for you.

Sougayilang XY4000 Spinning Fishing Reel

The Chinese brand, Sougayilang, are intent on providing the most fun for their customers. By providing quality products, precision technology, and product innovation, they hope to spread the joy of fishing around the globe. Their products and after-sales service are reported to be reliable, and their prices reasonable, so let’s take a closer look.

Who Is This Product For?

This spinning fishing reel is a great choice for beginner and seasoned anglers alike. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, this reel is recommended for use with 12-, 14-, or 16-pound test lines.

If you enjoy fishing for bass, catfish, walleye, salmon, or pike, in freshwater, or sea trout, flounder, or sea bass, in saltwater, this fishing reel could be your perfect companion. This reel is also suitable for both left- and right-handed anglers.

If you are looking for a fishing reel to catch larger fish, such as muskie, tuna, marlin, or shark, then Sougayilang XY4000 Spinning Fishing Reel will not be suitable for your needs. It is recommended that you choose something that can carry a much heavier line.

What’s Included?

When your package is delivered, you should receive one fishing reel, fully assembled with a cranking handle. You will also receive one free extra graphite spool.

Overview of Features

Some of the features that we really liked about this spinning fishing reel include:

  • Smooth Fishing and Superb Value

This is a high-performance fishing reel that offers a really smooth fishing experience through the use of 13 ball bearings, and one instant-stop, anti-reverse bearing. Feel the difference as you next reel in a fish on this superior quality reel at a fraction of the cost of competitor reels.

The value doesn’t stop at the low price; however, as this fishing reel also comes with a spare graphite fishing spool should you need it.

  • High-Quality Parts

It’s clear that this fishing reel from Sougayilang is made from quality parts. From the corrosion-resistant ball bearings and precision brass gears. To the hardened metal main shaft and precision machined pinion gear. Offering unrivaled, dependable, fish-fighting power.

  • Lightweight and Durable

Say goodbye to heavy, high-performance reels by embracing the innovative hollow frame design of this fishing reel. High-quality parts teamed with thoughtful weight saving design. This fishing reel is a fantastic lightweight yet strong companion to your fishing set-up. The lightweight aluminum spool is also light and durable. It offers greater line capacity than its competitors.

  • Excellent User Reviews

One of the best things about buying online is that you get access to a huge number of reviews from previous customers of the reel. This fishing reel is no different, with over 200 customer reviews available.

80% of buyers have given this product four stars or above with a whopping 63% agreeing that it deserves the full five stars. Reports agree that it casts well, provides solid hooksets, and offers a really smooth and enjoyable fishing experience.


  • Smooth fishing experience
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality parts
  • Comes with one extra spool
  • Fantastic value for money


  • Not yet a recognized brand in the market
  • No warranty provided

How to Get the Most Out of It

The best way to get the most out of this fishing reel is to care for it properly so that it lasts you for many fishing seasons to come. If you’ve been out saltwater fishing, then it’s important to rinse all of your equipment. You should rinse your fishing reel, and rod, with fresh water, to remove any sand and salt that they’ve been in contact with.

Be sure to use a light spraying hose as a heavier jet of water could get into the fishing reel and cause further damage. For a deeper clean, it may be required to disassemble your fishing reel from time to time and apply lube to the working parts.


If you prefer to stick with reputable brands in the fishing market that you know. You could look at the Japanese manufactured, Shimano Sedona FI 4000 Fishing Reel as an alternative. It is recommended for use with 8-, 10-, or 12-pound test lines and contains three ball bearings with one reverse bearing.

This model features several upgrades from Shimano, including upgraded drag power. It has reduced weight, so you can fish for longer without the same weight fatigue you may have experienced from other models. It features top quality parts. To include cold forged HAGANE gears and users report it to provide a superior fishing experience.

While Shimano says that it’s the finest in their lower end price point models. It still comes at a hefty extra cost in comparison to the fishing reel from Sougayilang. You’re required to invest much more for this brand name.


The Shimano Sedona FI Fishing Reel is a superb piece of equipment. Anyone would be happy to have it in their kit, and it looks great too. Our firm favorite reel out of the two, however, is the Sougayilang XY4000 for its excellent value to start with.

Not only is the price difference between the two reels quite astonishing, but we also prefer the feel of the Sougayilang reel. The 13 ball bearings system offers smooth fishing. It’s really lightweight meaning you can fish all day without getting too tired. The high quality, durable parts mean that this reel will surely last you for years to come.

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