Truscend Fishing Lures Reviews | Complete 2022 Review

This is our complete review of the Truscend Bass Fishing Lures in 2021. If you like to fish for bass, trout, and other larger-sized fish, then you will no doubt be aware of the virtues of swimbaits.

This particular type of fishing lure is an excellent option if you are going after larger fish. They may not generate as many bites overall, but the swimbait fishing technique can result in a pretty impressive haul.

For many fishermen, especially those going after bass, a multi-jointed swimbait lure will be their weapon of choice. Multi-jointed lures are designed with three or more sections. This results in a natural and lifelike motion with a smoother swimming action that can be highly responsive.

Today, we’re going to take a close look at a three-piece, multi-jointed bass fishing lure set from Truscend. These lures are engineered and constructed to provide free movement in the water.

Truscend Bass Fishing Lures

For anglers, especially those serious about bass, versatility is crucial. The swimbait, though still a relative newcomer to the bass tackle industry, is already proving to be a popular choice. They’re able to emulate a variety of baitfish species and are long-lasting and durable too.

Perfect for use in both saltwater and freshwater conditions, a swimbait lure like the Truscend we’re reviewing today makes an excellent choice. Whether you prefer to fish in summer or winter, this style of bait can be easily adapted to bring you success.

Who Is This Product For?

The Truscend fishing lures is a set of lifelike swimbait. They have been constructed with eight distinct segmented body sections. It’s designed with plenty of flexible bends, replicating a natural S shape so that it moves fluidly through the water no matter what the speed.

This design makes it a prime target for large fish and perfect for those dedicated anglers among you who love to fish for predator fish such as bass, yellow perch, and trout.

Whether you are a novice angler or you’re indeed a seasoned professional, the Truscend Bass Fishing Lure Set is a popular choice. It makes a wonderful bait for any enthusiastic fisherman, keen to increase the size and quantity of their haul. It’s also easy to use and durable.

What’s Included?

Available in your choice of either a hard- or a soft-style body, both options are designed to look incredibly realistic with lifelike 3D eyes. The hard option is, of course, more durable overall and features exquisite attention to detail. On the other hand, the soft option is very realistic-looking and provides a more natural action.

Overview of the Features

There’s plenty to appreciate about these Truscend multi-jointed swimbaits so let’s take a more detailed look at some of the standout features of these versatile fishing lures.

  • Lifelike Movement 

These fishing lures have been specially designed to attract hungry fish. Their lifelike features ensure they’re a popular and irresistible choice. They move naturally in the water with their simulated fish tails and diving action.

Constructed with eight segmented body sections, they deliver a natural S-shaped swimming action underwater. This action is  realistic and appealing. The flexible design means these lures can not only move at speed in the water but also deliver further action when needed.

  • High-Resolution Body Detailing

Besides their lifelike multi-jointed bodies, these Truscend fishing lures have also been finished to an exceptional level using 3D printing techniques. The beautiful and colorful, painted bodies are highly realistic and very attractive.

Using a perfect pearl powder coated finish, these lures are beautifully detailed. They replicate the colors and patterns of actual bait fish. They even use 3D eyes to enhance those lifelike qualities, plus the high-resolution body detailing is durable and long lasting too. This reusable bait option is also environmentally friendly.

  • Sturdy and Durable Enhanced Hooks 

Rigged with not just one but two super sharp, enhanced treble hooks, even those larger fish will find it hard to break free once they’ve taken the bait. The high-quality hooks are durable yet flexible.

Combined with the tough ABS construction of the body, the overall end product is one that has been designed and engineered to last. The hooks are, of course, also rust-proof as you’d expect.

  • Versatile and Multi-Purpose Option

Not only are these Truscend fishing lures suitable for all water conditions, but they’re also an excellent choice for a wide range of fish species. From saltwater oceans to freshwater lakes, yellow perch to pike, and of course, that big bass, these lifelike lures make an excellent choice.

  • For All Skill Level

Whether you are a novice or someone with plenty of experience, these lures are easy and lots of fun to use too! They will really enhance your fishing experience. They’re a prime target for all those hungry fish, which is excellent news for you.

We’re confident that you will enjoy the ultimate fishing experience when using this lifelike Truscend artificial bait.


  • Lifelike design
  • Natural swimming action
  • Incredible flexibility
  • Multi-jointed bodies
  • Super sharp hooks
  • Highly durable
  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater
  • Excellent for novices and professionals


  • Rolls rather than undulate in the water


If you’re new to bass fishing or just generally want to increase your knowledge, we recommend you review this comprehensive guide on how to rig bass fishing lures like the Truscend essential baits. Having a great knot technique is critical to success. Check out this tutorial.


Also available from the same manufacturer, Truscend, these rechargeable LED twitching fishing lures are yet another excellent choice. Simply charge for 2.5 hours, and you’re good to go for up to 12 hours.

These lures are designed to make it easier than ever to attract and capture more fish. They are designed to be suitable for day and nighttime fishing as well as in saltwater and freshwater conditions. They’re excellent for targeting various species of bass as well as pike and trout.


With their lifelike swimming action, high-resolution body design, and those strong treble Mustad hooks, these multi-jointed lures are a superb choice. The hooks are sharp enough to catch and hold larger fish, plus they’re suitable for both seawater as well as freshwater conditions.

Whether you are a novice or a professional angler, you will appreciate the design, quality, and ease of use of these Truscend multi-jointed swimbaits. These wonderful lures should deliver the ultimate fishing experience and are more than sturdy enough to land and hold big fish.

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