What Lures to Use for Bass: Eight Options You Can Rely On

Sometimes when fishing for bass, it can be quite a hit or miss, especially for beginners. Many anglers struggle to catch bass, and find that they will have varying results with different lures.

With so many different designs and options available on the market, knowing which lure to choose can often be a challenge.

If you are curious about what lures to use for bass, read on as we will take a look at not one, but eight different lure options. These lures can be used in many bodies and types of water and will increase your chances of catching bass.

Why Using Fishing Lure Is Important

We understand that you might be wondering why you even need to invest in lures. As such, we will give you a little information for you to better understand where you’re putting your money.

Fishing lures are great at attracting prey and bringing them to the angler. Unlike live baits, lures can be less expensive and can also be reused several times.

Fishing lures also do a great job at resembling live fish, with some styles that vibrate through the water.

That way, they confuse predators and entice them to explore and bite, leading to a better chance of a strike. Also, thanks to their design, many lures can feature lifelike skin which makes them extremely real looking, which is another great way to attract predators.

What Lures to Use for Bass

When it comes to attracting bass fish, certain lures can prove to be very effective. That is because their hooks can easily catch larger mouthed fish and reach deeper depths in many water types.

Here are several options you can include in your tackle box:

1. Finesse Worm

Worms are known to be one of the more popular ways to catch bass. Generally, this can be because they are versatile and can be used in both shallow and deeper areas of rivers and lakes.

It is also possible to find a variety of different sizes, from two-inch worms to larger ones over ten inches long!

What is better is that they are available in many colors. No matter the conditions, finesse worms are bound to get bit all day long; hence why they are effective for year-round use.

2. Jerkbait

Jerkbait is usually related to colder water months. Many anglers don’t catch bass year-round with this one as they don’t use them  during the summer.

Some anglers and experts claim jerkbaits can be perfect during warmer months too. Do note though that they will take a little longer than some of the other options.

3. Crankbait

When using a crankbait, you are almost always guaranteed to find bass willing to bite. These lures resemble crawfish or baitfish, which are two of the bass’ most favorite foods.

As the waters become warmer, choosing baits with wider wobbles and aggressive retrieves will keep those fish biting.

Lures with big lipped plugs can also be very effective in deeper depths, and crankbaits meet all those requirements. Additionally, these lures are super easy to cast and will work in most water types.

4. Spinnerbait

Spinnerbaits get their name from the way in which the blade spins through the water as they are reeled in. This movement mimics the exact movement that live baits make. As a result, they can cover large areas, while attracting the attention of all surrounding bass!

5. Jig and Pig

The jig and pig lure is another one of the most popular bass baits because a lot of anglers won many tournaments by using them. They catch the biggest bass. These resemble crawfish and are jigged along the rocks, brush and clay bottoms, which attract bass  looking for a quick meal.

6. Topwater Lures

In terms of excitement, topwater lures can be the most exciting of them all! These lures have also proven to be successful.

Catching bass on topwater can make you feel great as most of them are caught in deeper waters. They come in many colors, actions, and sizes and can be used in a variety of ways.

7. Craw

Although bass fish are known to eat a variety of species throughout the year, one thing they will never stop consuming is the classic crayfish. Crayfish is usually found in the shallower weeds, yet can also be found in deep rocks.

They are known to be active all year round, but lesser in the colder months. Crayfish lures can be dragged on a Carolina rig, flipped into cover, and placed on the back of a jig and a shaky head.

8. Lipless Crankbait

Just like the crankbait, the lipless crankbaits can work wonders when it comes to fishing for bass. The key to their effectiveness is that they can be used in both shallow and deeper bodies of water.

In the cold months when the water is cold, these lipless cranks are a perfect choice! That is because they can work over dying grass flats and deeper points.

During summer, they can be excellent at covering water and targeting schools of fish. These lures can be used in open water, as well as through stumps and grasses.


Fishing for bass can be a fun and exciting experience, and one that is very rewarding when you use the correct lure!

An angler is bound to collect a wide variety of lures over their fishing lifetime, and sometimes what works for one angler may not work as well for another.

The important thing is to give a few varieties of lures a try and see what works best for you. Sometimes the results you get will depend on the water type, how shallow or deep it is, the season, and of course, your fishing experience.

Hopefully, we have given you a bit more inspiration on what lures to use for bass, and the various types of lures to use when bass fishing year-round.

Now that we have given you a better idea of what styles of lure to go for when fishing, your next shopping will not be much of a hassle!

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